Monday, February 28, 2011

Up and Runnin'

Seems I've lazed out with writing over the past few months, but generally everything has been somewhat the same( as " the same" as it can be with a kid). Now enter the last few weeks: MAJOR GAME CHANGE! One of those " well shit, I thought things were kind of settling down for a bit but NOPE, YOU COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG" game changers.  Arlo began walking pretty fiercely a couple of weeks ago and my attention span/energy level really need to catch up. We were at a birthday party the other day and I thought he was right next to me... turns out he was, but had quickly sauntered off to another child's birthday cake with plans to consume the sugary contents that did not belong to him( hands outstretched, asking the child's mother " Cake?" very pitifully even though I had been trying to feed him his own piece of cake for about 15 minutes but with no luck).  He was so obsessed with walking around observing everyone else and their "cake" that I had to take him in another room away from all the others to get him to eat. He reminded me of a balding restaurant manager in some dark Italian joint in jersey careening around his  family owned restaurant, schmoozing with the patrons.

It couldn't be more bittersweet. One the one hand, thank goodness he is fully mobile. On the other, holy crap, he is fully mobile. He's not a baby anymore...and I can't really pinpoint why that makes me sad. I wasn't very adaptive to the newborn thing. I had a lot of trouble with it. I'm having so much fun now... but for some reason, every now and again, I get a little weepy when I see him chasing sadie around the living room. He's such a joy and that smile of his is absolutely amazing... I can't wait to see his next trick.:)