Monday, September 13, 2010

Pediatrician= Rock Star( Hooray for awesome doctors everywhere)

Arlo turned 9 months last week, and as with every three month incriment until they are a year, he had his 9 month check up today. I have to say that Arlo's pediatrician deserves a nod in the form of a blog because he, for lack of a better term, rocks.

If you know me at ALL, even a little bit, you know that I can be somewhat anxious. You could even say neurotic if you wanted to, although I might get defensive but deep down agree with you anyway. This is fine, it is part of who I am, and no doubt this nervousness has been amplified since having a child.

At any rate, our doctor, Dr. Drasnin( he deserves real name credit here) is wonderful. He talks to us .He looks at Geoff and I when he's in the room, while at the same time glancing over at Arlo and making funny faces.  He listens to us. He doesn't just come in, check Arlo's lungs, private parts and speed out of the room... he endures my list of questions and gives us honest answers. He referenced what he did/does with is OWN children. This, my friends, is a big deal to me. Because some docs won't do to themselves or their own family what they encourage YOU to do.  If my doctor does it with his own kids, I feel comfortable doing the same with Arlo ( within medical guidelines, mind you:).

Dr. Drasnin also has a sense of humor and knows how to gauge each parental unit... and I think he realizes the type of folks Geoff and I are.

So this blog goes out to Dr. Drasnin... you are fabulous!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.:)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bedtime for Bonzo

Well, Arlo had a cold.

 Then we went out of town. When we came back, he had another cold. You get the gist here. We knew we had to sleep train him.... but this summer we have been so LUCKY to have folks watch him( and mommy totally at home all day every day since he has been born) that we really did not give it a second thought.

Well...  now he has some super seperation axiety.... and we are trying to deal with it accordingly. I wish his naps revolved around Days Of Our Lives and the "dramatic" turns the characters on the show endure.... because then I could totally graph his naps. I need him to be able to be graphed in exel. Sammi brady almost ALWAYS has issues at the beginning and end of the show . But he doesn't seem to care about Sammi. He pays attention ONLY to the Desmaris family which usually last the entirty of the show. Starts at one, ends at two... thinking this is a good nap time but he doesn't alway sleep. Makes me realize he is probably ME at heart. No schedule, no one telling him when to do what.  

I can deal with that.

This does not fix anything, other than babies are hard...

and we have the world's BEST support system. We are taking Arlo to Florida in October with my folks and I can't wait for him to hit the sand. Yeeehaw for the Hippie Davin baby to suck up some ocean enviornment.