Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stuff I've Learned

I want to make a list of the stuff I have learned to do since I have had Arlo. To me, it's an interesting list:

1. Type one-handed. I figure this is a generation thing-- most of my communication these days  is through the computer. I have mastered the art of holding Arlo and typing with one hand. If you have received any type of email, text, etc. from me in the past seven and a half months, you've no doubt put up with many typos and " what the hell did she just say?" thoughts.

2. Multi-Task.  Some folks are born with this skill-- but I had to learn. And thanks to Arlo, I have. At the same time, I can talk on the phone, fix a bottle, hold my son, let the dog out to pee, and think about what kind of food Arlo will eat at dinnertime.

3. Patience.  I didn't have it before Arlo. In fact, I still struggle with it. But I've gotten better with it--- day to day. You'd think ( as did I) that I would have an abundance of it because of my work history, and I did. Kids could throw TVs at me, curse me out, threaten to blow up my car, punch my face...  and I might get a little rattled. But it's totally different when it's your own kid. Never understood that until Arlo came along.

4. Unconditional Love.  I love my parents unconditionally. I always have and always will. But now that I have a child, i realize that there is a different type of unconditional love out there... one that requires you to question your own morals and thoughts... and at the end of it all, you begin to understand that no matter what, your kid comes first.

5. Time Away.  Not everyone gets this-- but Geoff and I are lucky because we do-- and it truly helps us to be better parents and to be better to each other.

6. What Distracts My Kid.  As someone in the mental health/developmental biz, distraction is important if done properly. And the biggest thing that distracts my child from unruly tantrums???? Books. He loves to be read to.

 I'm sure this list will go on, and I will add to it as I see fit.

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Sarah (and Henry!) Thomsen said...

I learned to never judge.. EVER.
I did everything I could to have myself a sweet little music loving, art loving, Mamma's boy. I got a WILD Animal.
I always said I would never let my kid ride in the big part of the shopping cart because it's dangerous and tacky.. Well.. I can't get grocery shopping done without doing that now. I always said I'd never spank.. There are so many things that I used to judge other parents for. Now no matter what, I try not to judge. Your own children will make you do CRAZY things.