Monday, January 24, 2011

A Year in the Life

Well folks, we've made to that high water mark... one year. 13 months now, to be exact. I can't begin to express how much easier and gratifying mommyhood has become, so I won't. Just know that it's worlds away from what it was a year ago... still have our ups and downs, major nap strikes, the makings of an interesting little temper... but I'm not sitting on the couch at 3AM sobbing every other night. That alone makes it better.:)

I feel years older than I did this time last year. I have learned so much, and I hope Arlo has too. The heartbreak of the miscarriage I had at the end of the year brought a lot of things into perspective for me, one being that I have an amazing little boy and family, and that I am truly lucky. I also re-vamped my passion for things I had set aside for a bit-- music, movies, books, writing... and this makes me feel like "myself" again, whatever that means.

Arlo is not walking yet but he will be soon. He's jabbering a bit, usually experimenting with " dada", the occasional " ma", and lots of " car" and " gobble". Not sure where the "gobble" came from but it's funny nonetheless.  He is still obsessed with baby einsten videos and watches them with the intensity of a crack addict in Reno. I continue to be confounded by his infatuation, but when he refuses to nap they come in very handy so I will remain blissfully befuddled.

I started and ended a job, all within a month. The money was almost non-existent and attempting to manage and organize the lives of  5 other kids not including my own began to take a toll on me. So I'm a full-timer once again, but this go round is proving to be less "frazzled".

So that's somewhat of an update I suppose. My 33rd birthday was last week, and my one resolve was to be more creative. Hold me to it!!

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