Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This one goes to eleven

So there has been quite the hiatus-- and I feel bad for that, because writing about Arlo really has been helpful and therapeutic. But my little man EXPLODED once 10 months came around, and it's been difficult for me to find time to type/think/eat/[insert action here] since. A good friend prodded me along the other day, so here goes nothing. Here are the major things that have happened since I blogged last:

1. We went on a family vacation to Florida. I know, we're lucky... my parents graciously provided room and board in Seagrove Beach, FL for all of us... a place I know well and used to frequent when I was a child. We want to make it a yearly trip now-- but here's hoping over the years the car ride gets better. Actually, it was fine up until the last hour to FL, and the last hour back to OH.... the little man was a trooper and had a blast. Wonderful memories that we want to repeat. Well, all except the jackass at the Arby's in Birmingham who berated me for changing Arlo's clothes in public, even though we were in a corner( there wasn't a changing station in the bathroom). Dude screamed:( and imagine very southern accent) " WELL now I've seen it all!  A baby bein' changed in a rest-u-raaaaaantt". He then tried to get the entire dining room involved in his cause to make me feel like shit while geoff( unknowingly, thank GOD) was still ordering our food. I just told him " Sir, where would YOU have me change my child? You don't have to look, you know!" Stupid old pervert.

2. Arlo has now gone mobile. I was pretty concerned at first... by 9.5 months he was still doing what I affectionately call the "suzy scoot"( i would play suzy greenburg and he would scoot his little butt off)... but once we got home from Florida, it was on. The kid has not slowed down since. In fact, he pulled up to stand a couple of days after he learned to truly crawl.  Now all he wants to do is have you hold his hands so he can walk around the house. My back has never hurt more. But my heart, well.... :)

3. Arlo is now very curious and somewhat defiant. He understands that when I say "no", that I do not want him to do something, i.e play with the electrical sockets( we're trying very hard to not baby proof the house too much and get him to understand what he can and can't do. hippies) but turns and smiles at me and goes on to do exactly what I have told him not to do. He likes to rifle through mommy's purse. He enjoys attempting to get as close to the television as possible, even if it is off. He likes playing with Sadie's feet. Our house is his oyster at this point.  He has made his way into the kitchen and turned sadie's food bowls over several times, much to her dismay.

4. My child is verbal. We have been attempting to integrate some sign language, but I honestly don't think we need it. Before I had a child i was always anti sign language as I felt it would hinder the spoken word. Now I see the benefits but I really think he doesn't need it. The kid is a parrot. He repeats ( as well as he can) words you say.

5. Sleep still sucks. Your kid goes through phases.... one week they sleep through the night, the next the don't, the next they do and so on. That's just how it is. Arlo isn't a sleeper ( unless he's at grandma and grandpa's). We have accepted this.:)

6. My support group is still my savior. My husband, parents, in-laws, friends.... man, I am one lucky momma. I think that's all that needs to be said on that one.

7. Hyland's Teething Tablets and generic tylenol. Arlo's got 4 teeth and cutting 2 new ones as we speak. Maybe 3. It would be easier if he would let me look in his mouth. As it is, he doth protest too much.

8. Dwindling "only child" syndrome. As I see Arlo grow and mature... the more I think I could have just one more. But I think that about potato chips as well, so we'll see where that one goes.:)

9. My House is a Wreck. My friend put it to me this way: " Why not have your house as a kid's house? It's their place too. Once they learn to pick it up, then they can. Until then, who cares what it looks like."

10. Walking. Arlo wants to walk. All day long. His balance is off, he curls his toes, but if you hold his hands up, he cries if you try and sit him down. Hopefully he will walk on his own soon.

11. Me. I am still a frazzled momma, don't get me wrong--but I'm in a much better place. For all my friends who told me " it gets better"... it does.... and it doesn't.... but mostly it does.  Because watching the person that was in your tummy for 9 months grow into this being who says " DADADA" and " dog" and "okay" and crawls around the house with a goofy-ass grin...  it most certainly DOES get better.  Life with my son is a joy, even at 5AM. I happen to love Handy Manny.

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