Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arlo say RELAX

It's amazing the things I learn from my son. I can't get over how much I underestimate how much Arlo really understands about his world and the people who surround him already, namely me. Take today, for example. It started off with a small, ridiculous argument with my husband, which always ( at least in my case) seems to make the rest of the day a semi-hell until he gets home from work. Then factor in fussy baby and my frustration level is tripled. All before 10 AM.  Stupidly, I immediately went into retail-therapy mode, loaded up the stroller and off we went to Old Navy. Arlo was cool in the store, but once we got back to the dressing rooms, my day started to resemble a really bad episode of Full House-- you know, the ones where every character has a pseudo-issue... Uncle Jesse gets herpes, DJ gets her period, Stephanie discovers the wonders of meth... at any rate, Arlo continued his dissertation on how much he hates staying still and we had to leave quickly before we were escorted out(no doubt it would have been by one of those mannequins in the commercials). We went home and regrouped since we had a play date scheduled for the day.... but it ended up being a no-date because of my ridiculous sense of direction( although I have lived in this town for 7 years) and my inability to keep my emotions in check( why can't Cincinnati have CLEAR street signs?). Arlo sensed my frustration and before I knew it he had hit his car-ride limit and began his "Get Me Out of The Car>Scream>Get Me Out of The Car>What the Hell is Going On>Why Haven't You Gotten Me Out of The Car>Scream" jam. ( and just so we're clear, it all sounds pretty much the same but the screaming does occasionally fluctuate thereby letting me know he has transitioned into a different tune)
If you've ever had to deal with a screaming baby in a car by yourself, then you know how ridiculously torturous it is. I couldn't stop because I was stuck in traffic on the lateral( and believe me, I wouldn't stop because all that happens is he gets excited that I'm talking to him and once I get back in the driver's seat, it all begins again. Learned my lesson on that one coming home from Columbus.)and couldn't reach his seat to find the pacifier. So I just had to deal, as did he. Sensing my mounting emotional fall-out, he began to wail, and did so all the way to our driveway. Eventually I joined in. Half sobbing/deliriously laughing, I walked around to the backseat and took a deep breath. I counted to ten, opened the door... and there he was, covered in drool..... smiling. And although I was still a little shaken, that smile- that no-tooth-inflamed-gum grin-- let me know that HE knew I had started to relax. He is wise beyond his... well... months.:)

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