Friday, June 25, 2010

The Plug

If you've seen pictures of Arlo or even seen him up close and personal, then you'll have noticed the little red strawberry looking dot that protrudes from his head.  It's scientific name and description can be found here:

Basically, it's a cluster of blood vessels. Nobody really knows how they form, but our dude has one, and since he has been born, not a day had gone by that somebody hasn't commented on it. Kids do it all the time. They'll point, stare-- ask what happened to him-- and this I can handle and understand. Kids are curious and don't have an edit button. What I am commonly finding troubling, though, is that many adults are doing the same... and it makes me want to scream. One woman asked me the other day what was "wrong" with him. Her tone was very " ewww, what a weirdo" and she looked at him like he might explode at any minute.  Maybe I'm overreacting a bit( what, me?) but I kept my choice words for her in my head and just responded with " it's a birthmark". So in order to help me NOT be carted away by the police or mobile crisis next time this happens, I have prepared a list of answers that I would like to respond with that will make me laugh rather than foam at the mouth.Hopefully, one day, Arlo will laugh at how his dear old Mom decided to handle the situation. Imagine the " What's wrong with him" question, and here are some responses I've crafted to reply with:

1. That's a fake gem. I bedazzled his head. I wanted to add a "wow" factor to my child.
2. (This one is Geoff's. He actually used it, but it was with a kid so it doesn't count) It's his plug. He plug him up in the morning and unplug him at night.
3. What's wrong with him? What's wrong with YOU????( okay, that one might get me in trouble)
4. My husband let a woodpecker peck his head.
5. Voldemort left his mark on my kid, too. ( Harry Potter reference)
6. It's a small communist country. If you stare too long, you'll be magically whisked away to it.

Ah. I feel better now.:)

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Sarah (and Henry!) Thomsen said...

7. Baby? What baby?? This is my uncle Mort and he is very self conscious of his height. Please stop staring.

8. Oh shit. It's jelly from my toast that spilled on him this morning (then proceed to lick said jelly from head)

9. It's his twin brother. Isn't he cute? tickle tickle tickle!